Private Memphis is open!

Since I last wrote, the Dixon has changed exhibitions, and Private Memphis is now almost half-way through its 5-week run.  We have enjoyed such an overwhelmingly positive response to this exhibition–our visitors are loving having the opportunity to take a peek at the art that graces the walls of the homes of our city’s most avid art collectors.
Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, Hard Hit, 1883.  Oil on canvas, Private collection.
It has been such a pleasure to discover the quality and variety of art that exists in private collections here in Memphis.  From the traditional to the contemporary, this show truly has something for everyone.  And just to keep everyone on their toes, there are a few works with a little bit of shock value, but you’ll have to come and see it for yourself!
Damien Hirst, In a Spin, the Action of the World on Things, 2002. Household gloss paint on box, Collection of Caryn and Rudi Scheidt, Jr.
We couldn’t be more grateful to the lenders to this exhibition for being so generous with us in agreeing to part with their prized possessions for a month and a half!  I think everyone in Memphis can take pride not only in the fabulous fine art that’s here, but also in the visionary collectors who are so passionate each object in their collection.

When you’re at the Dixon checking out Private Memphis, be sure to stop in our Mallory and Wurtzburger galleries to see the latest exhibition in our series dedicated to local contemporary artists, Larry Edwards: Three Themes.  Larry’s work is fun, colorful, and it’s truly hilarious to see how he uses animals and fantastical creatures to poke fun at human frailties and foibles.
Larry Edwards, Battle of the Butterflies, 2010. Gouache, pastel, and watercolor on paper, Courtesy of the artist.
Larry’s exhibition will be up through July 24, be sure to come see it!  We will be honoring Larry this coming Thursday night at Art after Dark with a ‘Meet the Artist Night!’  Larry is truly hilarious and always has a great story to tell, I know you all will love meeting him and experiencing his wonderful creations.
Hope to see you all in the galleries soon!  Be sure to stay tuned to the Dixon blog–we’ve got a lot of fun things going on this summer, starting with the opening of Jean-Louis Forain: La Comedie parisienne on June 26!

Julie Pierotti
Assistant Curator