To top it all off….

Lemon zest or a small bunch of basil on the top of a delicious dish
That perfect piece of jewelry to compliment that fantastic ensemble
The dash of lime or the sprig of mint to enhance the taste of a cool beverage
The ornate napkin holder to spruce up a table setting
Finishing touches can add that special something, a unique addition and an unexpected surprise to the most ordinary of events and normal occurrences. The finishing touches can make a huge difference in the way something is perceived or taken in and can affect the impression of everything that is to follow.
With only one week away from the opening of Jean-Louis Forain: La Comédie parisienne, the Dixon staff is putting the finishing touches on the galleries, entrances, gardens and much more.
Beautiful banners have been installed on the Dixon residence and our fences.
Café Forain is coming together with the area mapped out and being prepped for tables and chairs, along with the redesign of the plants.
Along with much needed Garden maintenance and additions, we are also making the grounds extra safe and special for all of our guests.
We are one week away from the most ambitious exhibition in the Dixon’s thirty-five year history.
Join us!