Decking the Halls….and so much more, at the Dixon!

The holidays are quickly approaching, and the Dixon is celebrating in a big way. Our annual holiday decorations are going up and if you are not in the holiday spirit before arriving, you will be before you leave. 
The Memphis Garden Club goes the extra mile to make each year’s decorations more festive and beautiful than the last. This year is no exception. 

With decorations in Garrot Court, Catmur Foyer, the residence, and the Winegardner Auditorium – we can’t wait for you to see all of the work that has been done by the volunteers and staff to make the Dixon your one stop holiday photo op.

Enjoy our exhibitions, programs, and events surrounded by the merry and jolly ornamentation that you will only see at the Dixon! 
Remember to check out our holiday hours on the Dixon website. and plan your trip to the Dixon this holiday season. Enjoy!