As the new year approaches

….and your calendar begins filling up with all of the new responsibilities and obligations that are bound to come up during the first few months, we, at the Dixon, have a small favor to ask. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of modern life distract you from the simple joys of living. The simple things are what makes life so great and its the simple things that we offer at the Dixon. 

A stroll through our galleries to look at beautiful works of art. A lecture or workshop where you can learn about something new. A special Saturday morning or afternoon spent with your children making and learning about art. A Thursday evening spent with friends drinking wine and sharing experiences. Watching the progress of different flowers grow and mature in one of the most beautiful gardens in Memphis. These simple things get pushed to the back burner once the pressures of life get in the way. We don’t want you to miss out on enjoying what we have in store for you this year. 

2012 will be another exciting year for the Dixon. We will introduce new programs, such as our art history courses, and bring back old favorites, like the Dixon Gardening School. We will have some amazing exhibitions this year beginning with Rembrandt, Rubens, and the Golden Age of Painting in Europe from the Speed Art Museum, Louisville, KY and This Must Be the Place, contemporary photography by local artists. Our exhibition of flowers will delight visitors from all over and Art After Dark, Family Day and Munch and Learn will all have exciting topics and activities in store for a range of age groups and interests. 

Shakespeare in the Gardens, Symphony in the Gardens, Art on Fire and all of our special events will return next year. Kiddos can enjoy the After School Art programs and Spring to Art Camp, along with each Mini Masters program and Family Studio, tours and field trips, special workshops and more!

We want you to be a part of it all and take advantage of these simple joys in life that far too often are taken for granted. Join us in 2012 for what we know will be another great year at the Dixon!