Rembrandt to Rubens Family Day was "Golden"!

Saturday’s Family Day, inspired by our exhibition – Rembrandt, Rubens and the Golden Age of Painting, was loads of fun. From the art activities to the games and contests, there was no better place to be Saturday morning than the Dixon. 

Smiling faces and concentrating stares could be found in every gallery during our scavenger hunt and activities.

An exciting juggling show and a fantastic band were set up in the auditorium and captured the amazement and entertained both young and younger……

along with a very intense “King Cake Walk” earlier in the day where winners walked away feeling like champions.

If the excitement was too much, you could always take a seat and read in our cozy reading nook, or take a stroll through the galleries to check out the exhibitions.

Our collaborative art activity was a huge hit with everyone who participated and to the amusement of those who didn’t(you can see the finished product during Made in Dixon which opens on March 11)………

and the Golden Age photo op transformed each boy and girl to knights, princesses and whatever one’s heart desired.

We had very special guests in the galleries….
and even more special (and slimy) guests in the garden activity room. Our cup of worms was a hit and the tulip making cup activity was the icing on the worm filled cake

Don’t miss our next Garden Family Day, June 16….you never know what surprises may be waiting!