Meet the Dixon Staff 2013: Laura Gray Teekell

Dixon Research Assistant, Laura Gray Teekell

Dixon Research Assistant, Laura Gray Teekell

1.       What’s your job title?

Research Assistant

2.       Favorite Dixon exhibition so far?

Jean-Louis Forain: La Comédie parisienne…It was the exhibition that brought me to the Dixon; I was hired to work on the PR campaign. The show was just so beautiful and poignant, and all of the programming was creative and thoughtful and fun!

3.       Favorite plant/flower in the gardens?

Anything  from the cutting gardens that ends up in the arrangements in the Residence—but that doesn’t really narrow it down!

4.       Favorite Memphis restaurant?

You’ve got to be kidding! What part of town? Fancy or casual? What type of food? I need parameters! There are so many choices it is sometimes just agonizing to choose!

5.       Tigers or Grizzlies?

I cheer for both, but if I had to pick one, Grizzlies, because LSU is my college team. I am really proud of the Grizzlies!

6.       What’s something people might be surprised to know about you?

I don’t think any of it is very surprising—I’m pretty predictable! One might be that I teach spin classes at the downtown YMCA at 6am; or that I don’t watch any TV shows regularly, so I really miss out on all  inter-office conversations about Downton Abbey and Mad Men!