Meet the Dixon Staff 2013: Kim Giewont

KIM profile

Kim Giewont, Membership Coordinator

1.       What’s your job title?

Membership Coordinator

2.       Favorite Dixon exhibition so far?

Present Tense has been my favorite exhibition so far. It brought a diverse group of artists together with one common thread–Memphis. The exhibition connected our community through art and brought many new faces to the Dixon.

3.       Favorite plant/flower in the gardens?

I love the foxgloves that are blooming right now. Did you know they are used to treat heart failure but are also poisonous to humans?

4.       Favorite Memphis restaurant?

So many good ones to choose from! But, if I have to, Sweet Grass.

5.       Tigers or Grizzlies?

We don’t bluff! Go Grizz!

6.       What’s something people might be surprised to know about you?

I have an irrational fear of pigeons. Honestly, they terrify me.