Meet the Dixon Staff 2013 (Intern spotlight): Nancy Hardwood


Nancy Hardwood, Education Intern

1. What’s your job title?

Education Intern for the Dixon

2. Favorite Dixon exhibition so far?

Picturing America! I love Mary Cassatt so it was not a tough choice and the painting in the exhibition by her is just stunning. Plus I love the way the exhibition presents this visual timeline of what America has been up to artistically throughout the years. It shows the way different movements progressed and when you take the time to think about the dates and put the pieces into context it’s so interesting

3. Favorite plant/flower in the gardens?

I love Sunflowers, so the Mexican Sunflower that is in bloom right now in the cutting garden is definitely my favorite.

4. Favorite Memphis restaurant?

That’s a hard one.. but I would definitely have to say it’s either South of Beale or Three Angels Diner. But then too- Central BBQ will always be a favorite!

5. Tigers or Grizzlies?

That’s a toss up too, but if I got the option to go see a game- I would choose the Grizz.

6. What’s something people might be surprised to know about you?

I just graduated this past Sunday from the University of Memphis with a combination degree of Fine Arts and Social Sciences! That might not be something too surprising, but I’m just so excited!!