Make the most of Family Day!

The Dixon is having one of our most beloved events tomorrow! Family Day – a favorite among our members and first time visitors alike – will feature games such as the King Cake… Continue reading

Reflections Through Art: Promoting Healthy Aging Through Creative Expression

Over the past decade, science is beginning to prove what artists and creative types have known inherently for years, that engaging in artistic endeavors brings about profound benefits for the whole individual: physically,… Continue reading

Living in a DIGITAL world

Let me say this before I say anything: digital drawing will never replace my love of traditional drawing and painting. However, there are some things that traditional painting and drawing can’t do that… Continue reading

Waiting for tonight!

Meet the artists of This Must be the Place: Contemporary Photography in Memphis at Art After Dark tonight! We are so excited to show these local artists’ work and even more thrilled that… Continue reading

Who’s that Lady?

In the next few days, Memphians should notice images of 2 pretty snazzy women popping up all over town. We wanted to take some time and explain a little bit about who these… Continue reading

Change is in the air!

With each new year, individuals create new ideas, indulge in new desires, make new resolutions, and find new motivation to get things done. How long does each one of us stick with this… Continue reading

As the new year approaches

….and your calendar begins filling up with all of the new responsibilities and obligations that are bound to come up during the first few months, we, at the Dixon, have a small favor… Continue reading

The Dixons: A Stroll Down Memory Lane!

With the holidays quickly approaching, we can’t help but get sentimental when thinking about how much we owe to the man and woman that made the Dixon Gallery and Gardens possible, Hugo and… Continue reading

Membership….the Gift that keeps on Giving!

The holidays: a time to give and share, to be together, to spread warmth and love. Then why does gift giving bring on a case of the sweats, even on the frostiest of… Continue reading

Holiday Open House at the Dixon and……let it snow, let it snow!

We had an amazing Holiday Open House Weekend. Our tree was lit during perfect weather at the tree lighting ceremony Saturday night. The seasonal music set the mood and the hot chocolate hit… Continue reading